Bohemia cantat
Liberec 2020

Dear participants of this year's Bohemia cantat, the festival is behind us successfully.

Given the current situation, the festival was such a small miracle at the end of August, we are glad that we realized it and thank you for being there. Thanks to everyone who came. Thanks also to those who did not come (and for example babysitting your children and the like and allowing you to enjoy the festival in peace).

We are looking forward to seeing you at the next year on August 26-29, 2021, because we optimistically believe that all this madness will calm down by then and we will live normally again.

Have a nice day
your BC organizational team


28.3.2020 - 22:31

Dear friends of choir singing and of the Bohemia Cantat festival in particular!

We remain optimistic about this year's festival. The program of all ateliers is ready, but who knows what this summer will bring?

We believe that the situation in all of Europe will calm down and that at the end of summer it will be possible to meet in larger numbers and to hold our festival.

We are constantly evaluating the current situation, where many people have other—and without any doubt more important—worries than to enroll in the chosen atelier in time, so we decided to postpone the opening of registrations till May 1st, 2020.

Really hoping to see you soon,

for the organizational team of the festival,

Jiří Zenkl and Libor Sládek

About festival

Bohemia cantat is a non-competitive festival of choir singing, intended for individual singers, or alternatively for whole choirs. The singers enroll in one of the six ateliers (workshops) of various music styles (Czech choir composition, jazz, spirituals, madrigals, folklore songs, overtone singing, etc.) and the ateliers will produce a short programme under the leadership of top conductors.

The festival culminates with a public concert of particular ateliers and final common singing of all the participants.

The festival is jointly sponsored by The Zazpivejme si Liberec Society and The Association of Czech Choirs. Festival is organised under patronage of Liberec regional and municipal authorities with financial support from Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic.

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