List of this year's conductors in alphabetical order.

Vít Aschenbrenner

After graduation from the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University (history, German studies, musicology) he has been working as assistant lecturer in music history and music regionalistics at the Department of Music Culture of the Faculty of Education in Plzeň since 2003. His main field of specialization is, however, music history of South-western Bohemia od the 17th and 18th centuries, with special focus on Klatovy and Plzeň.

Since 1995 he has been organist in St. Ignatius church at Klatovy, in 2014 he was appointed church choirmaster of the Klatovy parish. He studied historical organ and harpsichord playing in the class of  R. Hugo (2009-2010), H. Franke (2011) and M. Knoblochová (od 2012). Since 2014 he has been studying conducting in the class of Jiří Štrunc at the Plzeň Music Conservatory. Since 1996 he has been leading the chamber choir Collegium for Sacred Music, that focuses on compositions from regional archives. He also cooperates with the Chamber Orchestra of the Department of Music Culture and has been its leader since 2004. Since 2004 he has also been church choirmaster at Katholische Pfarrei Mariä Himmelfahrt at Bodenmais (D), and since 2010 he has been art director of Niederbayerisches Ärzteorchester at Deggendorf (D).

Since 2007 he has been organizer and dramaturge of the European festival of sacred music „Šumava-Bayerischer Wald“. He is chairman of the west-bohemian area of the Czech Choirs Association. Since 2013 he has been cooperating with the project European Culture Capital Plzeň 2015 (baroque line). In 2014 he organized the Czech part of the international music festival Musica Sacra in cooperation with the Munich Kulturstiftung EUROPAMUSICALE. In 2015 he is, among other things, preparing the world premiere of the Oratorio to the Holy Virgin of Klatovy by the composer Pavel Samiec from Plzeň. The world premiere will take place as part of the celebrations of the 330th anniversary of the Klatovy Marian miracle (1685).

Workshop 1

Zuzana Kadlčíková

Zuzana Kadlčíková is one of the distinctive young choirmasters in the Czech Republic. She gained the essential choir experience in the Jitro Children's Choir (Prof. Jiří Skopal) in Hradec Králové. She graduated from the Faculty of Education of the University of Ostrava (music teacher and choirmaster for the Secondary Schools) and the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno (choirmaster and conductor). As a conductor she participated in many projects with the JAMU Chamber Opera and finished her studies by the performance of Eugene Onegin by P. I. Tchaikovsky.

She was a member of the Adash ensemble (doc. Tomáš Novotný) and worked as a corepetitor at the opera of the Antonín Dvořák Theater and at the Moravian Theater Olomouc. She received a scholarship at master conductor courses at Internationale Sommerakademie Reichenau in Austria.

As a choirmaster of the children and youth choir at the Brno Philharmonic, Kantiléna, she received the highest prize (Summa Cum Laude) at the choral competition in Neerpelt 2006. She also acted as a choirmaster and artistic director of the mixed choir Virtuosi di Mikulov, with whom she recorded several CDs of the world choral repertoire. She organized the International Choral Festival Kampanila in Mikulov as a dramaturgist.

She was awarded the Junior Choirmaster Award and founded the choir Ensemble Forte in Brno. She is regularly invited to the jury of various choral competitions.

In 2013 she debuted as a conductor at the Brno National Theater with the opera Dream of the Midsummer Night (B. Britten). In 2016–2018, she was the choirmaster of the Ars Brunensis Chorus in Brno, with which she won the 1st Prize at the A. Tučapský Festival (2017). For the last three years she has been working as a corepetitor at Brno City Theater, where she rehearses exclusively the musical repertoire. Since 2018 she has been an assistant to the choirmaster of the Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno. She privately teaches singing and improvisation.

Workshop 5

Kryštof Spirit

Kryštof Spirit has dedicated his professional life to classical music as a singer, choirmaster, conductor and musicologist. At present, he is the artistic director of the Ensemble Hilaris vocal ensemble, choirmaster of the Musica Oeconomica Pragensis choir at the University of Economics in Prague and editor of the Czech Radio D-dur station. As a conductor he values the most the opportunity to work with Prague Philharmonia (PKF) in a series of concerts and workshops for children, and as a singer his performances in opera projects of the National Theater – e.g. Curlew River by Benjamin Britten and Orfeo by Claudio Monteverdi. His other activities include preparation of accompanying texts for concert programs or Czech Radio music programs. He also restores older musical works, arranges music and organizes interesting music projects. He takes pleasure in making music together with people who are good musicians and, especially, good people.

Workshop 3

Jan Staněk

Jan Staněk (1952, Praha),

I have fallen for singing very long ago.

Originally informal meetings with friends, wine and guitar gradually gave birth to my first ensemble Kvintus (1981). Later I set up (already intentionally) Bohemiachor (1993),Happy Hours (1991) in Switzerland, Ayangena (1993) in Italy, Spektrum (2003) in Prague, and Hlahol (2010) in Austria as the last one. And this festival in Liberec also happens to be my child a bit.

In the beginning I did not realize what I was starting. I was a singing physicist and guitar player. I certainly did not expect to leave physics because of singing, nor to study choirmaster specialization and make my hobby a beautiful profession. Nor to tour Europe and lead choir workshops.

The wave of my enthusiasm about spirituals has been replaced by a folk song period (I loved especially gypsy folk songs), later I enjoyed 20th century music and recently I have been fascinated mostly by the choir sound itself. By the mystery of joining voices and achieving sound unity! I have been fascinated by overtone singing ever since I have first come across it years ago. Since then I have been trying it in my choirs. Especially with Spektrum we have been discovering the connection of overtone singing with the above mentioned mystery of choir sound recently. It is a great adventure.

Workshop 6

Josep Vila Jover

Born in Granollers in 1970, he studied choral conducting with Enric Ribó, Conxita Garcia and Christian Grube. Since 1995, he has been the artistic director of the Societat Coral Amics de la Unió, a prestigious choir school in Granollers that has more than six hundred and fifty students and ten active choirs.
In this institution, he conducts VEUS - Cor Infantil Amics de la Unió - formed by 60 white voices between 12 and 18 years old - and the Cor de Cambra de Granollers, a mixed choir of 40 members. Both choirs are resident formations at the Teatre Auditori de Granollers since 2017.
These choirs have performed in the stable seasons of the Palau de la Música Catalana, L'Auditori de Barcelona and the Gran Teatre del Liceu, where he has collaborated with renowned conductors such as Edmon Colomer, Jordi Savall, Lluís Vilamajor, Robert King, Manel Valdivieso, Álvaro Albiach, Pablo González or Rubén Gimeno. He also regularly conducts international concerts and tours, all over Europe and from August 2017 also outside the continent.
He is regularly invited as a conductor to workshops and international choral festivals. Among the last participation we can highlight the EUROTREFF 2017 festival in Wolfenbüttel (Germany), Europa Cantat 2018 in Tallinn (Estonia), where he did a workshop with the Hungarian director József Nemes or the 6th Choir Meeting "El Canto Nos Une" in Colombia the September 2018.

Workshop 4

Kamila Zenklová

After graduating from the Conservatory of Music in Teplice (violin – 1996, and conducting – 1998), she studied choir conducting under prof. L. Mátl (2003) and orchestra conducting under doc. E. Skoták (2006) at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno.

During her studies she was cooperating with various professional and amateur ensembles, e.g. with the Academic Choir of Brno, the Teplice Conservatory orchestra, the Janáček orchestra of the Janáček Academy, the Moravian Plilharmonic Olomouc, and the Brno Philharmonic.

In 1994-2000 she was working with the children’s choir CAMELLA in Nový Bor. Since 1999 she has been conducting and regularly performing with the mixed choir VOKÁL Přerov and took golden and silver band places in the international competition Svátky písní Olomouc. In 2002-2004 she was conducting the mixed choir Lumír in Brno. In 2003-2010 she was choirmaster of the children’s chamber choir Kolibříci at the J.G.Mendel’s Comprehensive School in Brno. Since 1998 she has been teaching violin and singing at various Basic Schools of Performing Arts. Since 2006 she has also been teaching music theory and conducting a big choir at the Conservatory of Music in Brno. Since 1999 she has been choirmaster of a special choir Sebranka, specializing in new methods of teaching singing to adult non-singers.

Her interest in music is realized not only through teaching, but also through active performance. She is member of the countrywide choir Bohemiachor and of several smaller ensembles (violin, singing, piano).

Workshop 2

Tuesday 18.2.2020

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