Workshop 1

Music of the Austrian convents on the Czech church lofts of the 18. century

Conductor: Vít Aschenbrenner

P. Franz Josef Aumann, CanReg. (1728-1797): Missa in C

Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 0 | Alto: 0 | Tenor: 13 | Bass: 10

Workshop 2

Woman in a song

Conductor: Kamila Zenklová

Erti nachvit seminaris (Georgian)

Što j pa moru (Belarusian)

Drak (Irish)

Bröllopsvisa efter Kirsten (Swedish)

Der Glöggaijoder (Austrian)

Vyhorela lipka (Slovak)

A woman is our guide throughout the whole life. She gives us life, teaches us our first steps and words, patiently raises us, treats our wounded knees. Sometimes with a sharper word evaluates our adolescent ideas, but also hugs us when we need it, or comforts our disappointment from our first love. She stands by us when hardship strikes in life, but can be also a gentle etheric being, avoiding grasp as easily as butterfly wings. Tough life can turn a wise counselor with silvery hair into a witch, cursing the whole world.

Different cultures, different values, yet the same stories. This will be our women workshop.

Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 36 | Alto: 26

Workshop 3

3x Thomas Morley, or How about this way?

Conductor: Kryštof Spirit

Thomas Morley: No, no, Nigella à 5

Robert Lucas Pearsall: No, no, Nigella à 8


Thomas Morley: Now is the month of maying à 5

Kirby Shaw: Now is the month of maying à 4


Thomas Morley: My bonnie lass she smileth à 5

Peter Schickele: My bonnie lass she smelleth à 5

I love to combine old music with modern, contemporary music. At the same time, I hate boredom in music. That's why I chose the three beautiful sprightly madrigals from the English Renaissance composer Thomas Morley, to which we will try to rehearse their modern “covers.” The setting by Robert Lucas Pearsall is “brahmsly” romantic, while the song by Kirby Shaw nearly resembles spiritual. And nothing needs to be said about the musical parody by prof. Peter Schickele, the creator of the fictitious forgotten Bach's son P. D. Q. Bach. One needs only to experience it.

Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 0 | Alto: 0 | Tenor: 13 | Bass: 13

Workshop 4

Songs from Catalonia

Conductor: Josep Vila Jover

Josu Elberdin - Segalariak

Josep M. Ruera - Sant Joan

Josep Cumellas Ribó - L'hereu Riera

Josep Vila i Casañas - Laudate Dominum

Javier Busto & Matías Antón Mena - A tu lado

Pablo Casals - O vos Omnes

Do you want to know Catalan folksongs and Catalan composers?
If you like to sing , enjoy and discover new music, this is your atelier.
Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 14 | Alto: 2 | Tenor: 15 | Bass: 17

Workshop 5

Roots of musicals

Conductor: Zuzana Kadlčíková

Dobře placená procházka - Jiří Suchý, Jiří Šlitr
  - Haleluja
Johanka z Arku -  Ondřej Soukup, Gabriela Osvaldová & Jiří Hubač
  - Veni, creator spiritus,
  - Ty jsi ten déšť
West side story  - Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim
  - Tonight
  - One hand, One heart
  - America
Jesus Christ Superstar -  Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice
  - Poslední večeře
  - Psát od prvních řádků
  - Hosanna
Hair -  Galt MacDermot, Gerome Ragni & James Rado
  - Aquarius
  - Manchester
  - Hair
  - Let the sunshine in

Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 0 | Alto: 0 | Tenor: 2 | Bass: 7

Workshop 6

Schubidubi Halleluja II.

Conductor: Jan Staněk

Birdland (Josef Zawinul / Jon Hendricks,  arr. Jerry Nowak)

Mack the Knife (Kurt Weill / Bert Brecht, Marc Blitzstein, arr. Anita Kerr)

Rock Around the Clock (Max C. Freedman, Jimmy de Knight, arr. Jeff Funk)

Shout Glory! (Byron J. Smith)

The Rhythm of Life (Coleman / Dorothy Fields)

Total praise (Richard Smallwood)

You show me (Nico Schlenker)

Gospels and jazz songs could be similar in form, harmony and even melodies, however they differ significantly.

A gospel should be directed inward, experienced in the soul meditatively, or even ecstatically. It should captivate by its spiritual contents and talk to God or about God. If the Hallelujah is not lived through inwardly while singing, it could be quite pathetic and even annoying…

Jazz songs can be annoying, too. Especially by trivial lyrics, often unsuitable for choirs (imagine 80 singers of both sexes expressing their passion for some „baby”). However, the lyrics in these songs is not the most important part, we often just want to enjoy the syncopation. Therefore, we can simply ignore lyrics and use some “schubidubi” or another nonsensical syllable. It does not really matter.

I hope to sing about God on Saturday in the church and make a show to entertain the audience on Sunday. I would like to follow up on the first version of this workshop and raise the roof like in 2013.

Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 0 | Alto: 2 | Tenor: 9 | Bass: 8